Election Day

Monday is Election Day! Don’t forget to vote! The polls will be open from 10 AM to 8 PM. You can find out where you vote here (https://elections.ottawa.ca/UI/VotingLocation/VotingLocation).

If you have questions, need a ride to your poll or if you need child minding while you are voting, please call 613-820-1845 and our team will help you. Be sure to have your vote location in hand prior transportation.

And remember to tell your friends and neighbours to get out to vote!

We are the winning team!

Don's Plan for Bay Ward


Our neighbourhoods are wonderfully diverse. The City of Ottawa has the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. We have precious green spaces and thriving small businesses. Our neighbours give back to our community through volunteering and helping one another. We have an opportunity with the new LRT to re-envision declining shopping malls into modern town squares. 

We need to ensure that families have affordable child care and children have safe spaces to play and learn; youth have opportunities for networking and good jobs; seniors can stay in their homes longer without unexpected increases in their property taxes and with access to the services they need; the Ottawa Police have the resources they need to keep us safe; and that we eliminate poverty, homelessness, and racism; provide supports for those with mental health challenges and make City Hall accessible and reflective of our whole community. 


Don is a successful local entrepreneur who knows how to negotiate and who will fight for the programs and infrastructure that we need. He will bring his business background to City Hall. That means spending our money wisely so that we have more for priorities like housing, child care and recreational infrastructure. 

Don wants the City to provide better services to residents. He will fight for common sense solutions, such as more lighting at night at sports fields so that youth have activities to keep them out of trouble; making sure snowplows can not put more snow in your driveway than the height of an average snowblower; weekly garbage collection in summer months; and solving the problems that impact YOU every day.

Vote for Don in the Advanced Polls this FRIDAY!

Vote for Don on Friday October 12th!

If you live in a large apartment complex, the polls will be in your building. For everyone else, vote at Michele Heights Community Centre (2955 Michele Drive) between 10am-8pm.

If you need a ride or a babysitter or further information, call 613-820-1845.

Advanced polls are also open October 4-7 10am-8pm at Ben Franklin Place, City Hall, François Dupuis Recreation Centre, Greensboro Community Centre, Richcraft Recreation Complex and Minto Recreation Complex.


Get your Don Dransfield lawn sign!

Thursday (August 23rd) is the first day under municipal bylaws that you can put up an election lawn sign for the October 22nd election. This is the best way to show your support for Don.

Order your lawn sign today by clicking here! And tell your neighbours! 

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Meet Don Dransfield at Tim Hortons every Friday

Have coffee with Don Dransfield every Friday

Don wants to hear from you! Don will be at the Tim Hortons at 993 Richmond road every Friday from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Join him for an informal coffee chat to discuss your ideas for Bay Ward. This weekly coffee hour is a commitment he is making to the residents of Bay Ward as something he will continue to do weekly if he is elected as your City Councillor. It is important to Don that residents have an opportunity to be heard and that he continue to be accessible to those he will represent. Please bring your friends and join Don for coffee on Friday! 


Communiqué de presse - Don Dransfield lance une campagne municipale pour Bay Ward

Communiqué de presse

Don Dransfield lance une campagne municipale pour Bay Ward

Dans une salle comble du restaurant familial Carlingwood, Don Dransfield a lancé sa campagne samedi pour devenir le prochain conseiller municipal de Bay Ward (quartier 7).

Un entrepreneur local, Don Dransfield, fait aussi du bénévolat pour promouvoir le développement écologique et la protection de nos parcs, rivières et espaces verts. L'une de ses principales priorités est de soutenir les petites entreprises et de construire des réseaux afin que les jeunes puissent s’associer au monde des affaires pour trouver des emplois et des opportunités.

Nous avons une communauté merveilleusement diversifiée», a déclaré M. Dransfield à plus de 150 membres de la collectivité de tous les horizons.

«Nous avons de petites entreprises qui créent des emplois ... nous avons des innovateurs et des entrepreneurs ... nous avons des jeunes leaders qui sont pleins d'énergie, des familles qui élèvent des enfants et des personnes âgées qui ont contribué toute leur vie. "

Dransfield a ensuite décrit ses priorités, notamment l'infrastructure verte, les services de garde abordables, les espaces récréatifs sécuritaires pour les enfants et les jeunes, les carrefours communautaires, le transport en commun et le soutien aux petites entreprises locales. "Je sais que les meilleures solutions viennent des personnes les plus proches du problème ... Je serai accessible, j'écouterai et j'aiderai à trouver un terrain d'entente", a-t-il déclaré au public enthousiaste.

Lors du rassemblement, Dransfield a fait visionner une vidéo de cinq minutes dans laquelle il fait part de son histoire personnelle, d’un enfant ayant grandi au sein d'une famille militaire en tant que l’aîné de cinq enfants qui avaient perdu leurs parents à un jeune âge. La vidéo comprenait des témoignages de ses amis et de sa famille ainsi que des leaders communautaires.

Dransfield a été présenté par son épouse, Anita Vandenbeld, qui est la députée fédérale de la région. "Quand Don dit qu'il va faire quelque chose, il le fait" at-elle dit "ce qui est une grande qualité chez un mari, et une qualité bien plus importante chez un conseiller municipal". Vandenbeld a expliqué qu'elle a rencontré Dransfield quand ils se sont présentés aux élections en 2011. "Nous avions tous les deux prévu de nous présenter à nouveau", a t-elle dit, puis visiblement émotive, elle a ajouté: "Mais il savait combien ce rêve était important pour moi, il s’est alors retiré, afin que je puisse briller. Maintenant c'est mon tour de le soutenir"

Parmi les personnalités présentes de la communauté ou qui ont donné des témoignages vidéo, citons le philanthrope David Smith; le dirigant syndical Greg McGillis, l’ancien vice-président de Centraide et le chef des bergers de l’Espoir, Adam Smith, l’ancien candidat du Parti vert, Qais Ghanem, la députée Karen McCrimmon, Nazira Tareen, la fondatrice de l'organisation des femmes musulmanes d'Ottawa et bien d’autres.


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Press release - Don Dransfield's Campaign launch

News Release

Don Dransfield Launches Municipal Campaign for Bay Ward

In a packed room at the Carlingwood Family Restaurant, Don Dransfield launched his campaign on Saturday to become the next City Councillor for Bay Ward (Ward 7).

A local entrepreneur, Don Dransfield also volunteers to promote green development and protection of our parks, rivers and green spaces. One of his key priorities is to support small businesses and build networks so that young people can link to the business community to find jobs and opportunities.

“We have a community that is wonderfully diverse” Dransfield said to the crowd that included over 150 community members from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds, “We have small businesses that create jobs…we have innovators and entrepreneurs… we have youth leaders who are full of energy, families raising children, and seniors who have contributed all their lives.”

Dransfield outlined his priorities, which include green infrastructure, affordable child care, safe recreational spaces for children and youth, community hubs, public transit, and support for local small businesses. “I know that the best solutions come from the people closest to the problem… I will be accessible, I will listen, and I will help to find that common ground” he said to the cheering and enthusiastic audience.

During the rally Dransfield screened a 5 minute video that included his personal history growing up in a military family as the oldest of five kids who lost both their parents at a young age. The video included testimonials from his friends and family as well as community leaders.

Dransfield was introduced by his wife, Anita Vandenbeld, who is the federal Member of Parliament for the area. “When Don says he is going to do something, he gets it done” she said “which is a great quality in a husband, but an even better quality in a city councillor”. Vandenbeld explained that she met Dransfield when they both ran in elections in 2011. “We both planned to run again” she said, and then visibly emotional she added, “But he knew how much the dream meant to me, so he stood back so that I could shine. Now it’s my turn to support him”.

Notable community leaders in attendance or who gave video testimonials included philanthropist David Smith; union leader Greg McGillis, former United Way VP and head of Shepherds of Good Hope Adam Smith, Former Green Party candidate Qais Ghanem, MP Karen McCrimmon, Founder of the Ottawa Muslim Women’s organization Nazira Tareen and many more.

​​​​​​​​​​                                                             —40–

For further information contact:
Kevin Bosch, campaign manager 613-820-1845

Video available at:

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Don Dransfield Campaign Launch

Join Don Dransfield for his official campaign kick-off!

When: Saturday June 23rd, 2:00 - 4:00pm

Where: Carlingwood Family Restaurant (inside the Carlingwood mall)

Meet Don and his team - bring the whole family!