Listen to what people who know Don are saying about him


Don Dransfield's wife Anita Vandenbeld about how they met through politics

“On our third date we exchanged campaign buttons… he gives of himself… he puts other people first… he decided not to run so that I could run and I could win… he put everything he had behind my campaign… he walks the talk.”


Sagal Osman talking about Don Dransfield

“I think he would make a fantastic city councillor. He’s down to earth and he knows a lot of people from all different walks of life. And I find someone who understands issues that they don’t necessarily face is important… For me to be able to approach him and talk about issues that affect muslim black women, I find he’s able to understand that. It’s comfortable to discuss those issues, and he seems informed about them as well.”


Don Dransfield's wife Anita Vandenbeld on what motivates Don

“What you see is what you get with Don. He is very sincere, there’s not a fake bone in his body… He really wants to get why people think the way they think, what makes them who they are.”


Don Dransfield's daughter Courtney talking about her dad

“He’s always looking to help people and better the community… its how we show people we care about them, is to serve them.”


Don's youngest sister Kathleen talking about Don

“I’ve always looked up to him, he’s a strong male presence in my life. He’s super dependable, and he’s always the guy that will do everything he can to go above and beyond to help you out, and I think he will definitely do that for the community.”


Don Dransfield's neighbours Marni and Dani talking about Don

“I’ve always really appreciated his understanding and advocacy for the diverse groups in the areas that he has worked in. He has a good understanding of his community and he’s able to really articulate the needs of the different people in his community.”


Don Dransfield's best friend Tim talking about Don

“Don is as genuine as you can get. He’s a sincere fellow. He cares, he’s a hard worker and he’ll always have your back.”


Union Leader Greg McGillis about Don Dransfield

“Don is the kind of guy who’s going to deliver or he’ll die trying, and that’s inspiring… I trust Don. I trust him implicitly… He’s a guy who actually understands how you get things done in different contexts.”

Don Dransfield's wife Anita Vandenbeld about his passion for local politics

“The closer it is to the community, the more he is impassioned about it… He’s going to look for solutions with people.”


Joan Conrod on Don Dransfield's commitment to issues that matter to seniors

“He would make a good Councillor because he is concerned about seniors.”


Local small business owner Indu about Don Dransfield's commitment to small business

“He wants to pay more attention to small businesses… we add more to the economy from employment… Don is now committing himself… he will promote small businesses and their efforts in the community.”


Mitch talking about Don Dransfield

“In my opinion Don is a great community leader and for me a true inspiration.”


Jorge Deligiannis talking about Don Dransfield

“When he speaks, he speaks with substance… He’s active in issues about the environment. I believe he will make Ottawa greener.”


Nazira Tareen talking about Don Dransfield

“He’s a very gentle, kind, sincere person and I think he’s very dependable… he would be a good representative for my neighbourhood.”


Patricia Pepper talking about Don Dransfield

“He’s conscientious, he’s reliable, he’s very honest and he’s a really hard worker, and I’m proud and pleased to support him.”


Sonya Howard talking about Don Dransfield

“He’s always taken my ideas seriously… I have no doubt he understands the needs of the community and can bring them forward to City Council.”


Bob Wilson talking about Don Dransfield

“Don’s a quiet guy but real professional… He knows his job, he’s always well prepared… You should consider voting for Don Dransfield.”


Qais Ghanem, former Green Party candidate, talking about Don Dransfield

“His main interest is business, of course, because he’s a businessman, but what impressed me about him is that he also cares about youth and he cares about the environment.”


Neven Ahmad talking about Don Dransfield

“He’s a great listener, he’s very supportive, he’s really knowledgeable.”


Sara Abdul talking about Don Dransfield

“Right away you can tell he’s concerned for others’ well-being… He genuinely cares about… literally everyone… and will do his best to help in any way.”


Babrak Aqa Mohammad

“Don is a very experienced community oriented person and he has in depth knowledge of families in [Bay Ward]… he has been actively involved in community based activities since I’ve known him.”


Adrian talking about Don Dransfield

“He’s very smart… he’s very measured… calm, collected under pressure… respectful is something as well that really defines him.”