As a local entrepreneur, Don will work with small business to create jobs, build communities and invest in innovative green technologies.

Through his volunteer work on sustainable environment, Don wants to reduce the City of Ottawa’s carbon footprint, build green infrastructure, and protect our river and parks.

Don grew up in a military family that instilled in him values of community and service.

As the oldest of five siblings who lost their parents at a young age, Don will ensure that young people have a fair chance to succeed no matter what their economic background.

Whether you are a senior struggling to access services, a parent looking for affordable child care, a community group seeking recreational infrastructure, or a student needing better public transit, Don will work with you and with our neighbours to take action!



Our neighbourhoods are wonderfully diverse. The City of Ottawa has the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. We have precious green spaces and thriving small businesses. Our neighbours give back to our community through volunteering and helping one another. We have an opportunity with the new LRT to re-envision declining shopping malls into modern town squares. 


We need to ensure that families have affordable child care and children have safe spaces to play and learn; youth have opportunities for networking and good jobs; seniors can stay in their homes longer without unexpected increases in their property taxes and with access to the services they need; the Ottawa Police have the resources they need to keep us safe; and that we eliminate poverty, homelessness, and racism; provide supports for those with mental health challenges and make City Hall accessible and reflective of our whole community. 


Don is a successful local entrepreneur who knows how to negotiate and who will fight for the programs and infrastructure that we need. He will bring his business background to City Hall. That means spending our money wisely so that we have more for priorities like housing, child care and recreational infrastructure. 

Don wants the City to provide better services to residents. He will fight for common sense solutions, such as more lighting at night at sports fields so that youth have activities to keep them out of trouble; making sure snowplows can not put more snow in your driveway than the height of an average snowblower; weekly garbage collection in summer months; and solving the problems that impact YOU every day.


“I know that the best solutions come from listening to the people closest to the problem. Through weekly coffee chats and being available to residents, I will work with you to solve problems, build a common vision and make things happen.”

- Don Dransfield